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Voxpull is an India’s video creation and sharing app, made in India for the people across the globe. One can use Voxpull in as many languages as the person desires, indigenous languages like Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, Malayalam, Odia, Assamese along with English and many other languages.

Voxpull is a totally free application that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and you can share videos and images on your WhatsApp status from over 53+ countries on various platforms that include fashion, comedy and jokes, homemade healthcare remedies, entertainment, singing, sports, news and many more.

Download Voxpull for short video creation and easy video editing using video filters, GIF stickers and effects that can help you create videos in portraits, with natural light, studio light, contour light, stage light and even stage mono light. One can even add filters and get as creative with the posts as one desires.

 We also have other channels in the Voxpull community.

Disco ranger provides you with a platform where you can upload your dance videos which can help one polish your dance moves, amplify your dance moves in any dance form ranging from contemporary to ball room and many more. One can also coach up the dance talent which provides one with a platform to throw dance fire.

Bhakti is a community that has been exclusively created for all the religions across the world where one can share and discover their rich diversity through photos, videos and stories. You can even get aartis, bhajans, paaths, ardass, prayers, namaaz, mantras, shlokas, along with information on a religious platform, stotra, and daily darshan from users from all over India. You can attain new devotional photos, videos, stories and information and videos relating to Indian festivals, rituals and practices, from different parts of India. There also exists a feature for one to one interaction with the members so that one can communicate with the other person allowing interaction and conglomeration of the devotees in India. You can also fin wallpapers of your favourite god and share it with friends and family.

Ghar Ka Vaid is a community that is created for those people who prefer home remedies instead of the allopathic remedies available around. We offer it in as many languages as one can desire, be it Hindi, English, Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali, Odia, Assames, Tamil, Telugu and many more because of our policy of – you deserve to look good and feel good in any language you want. This channel offers you with the best tips for a healthy lifestyle by offering the best homemade health solutions for you and your family, be it Ayurvedic, Homeopathic or simply homemade solutions ranging from an upset stomach to haircare and skincare solutions. All your naani maa ke nuske will be available right on your phone.

Heat the Beat is the community channel where one can get the best music and dance videos and images. You can always find your favourite singer, dancer or even your favourite actor rocking the beats of your favourtie song.   

Along with these, we also have some  other channels like

Voxtest, which literally means the test of the voice is a community where the voices all the people from all over the world can be explored. Performances of the re-enaction, mimicry, singing can be explored in this community.

Cover Songs is a community which literally explains itself and is a community for uploading and discovering cover songs of many a people.

Original Star is a community where one can upload and discover original songs, scripts, quotes, poems and stories of people from all over the world.

Mera Band is a community where one can upload and discover band performances and find out their favourite songs of their favourite bands from all over the world.

Solo Dance is also a community where people can upload their solo dance performances in a way that fully expresses their emotions.  

SingSong is a community where people can upload their original written songs and lyrics.

There are also other communities like Dubbing, Mimicry, Reacting and many more.

There are also certain awards that are present within the app which one can win by uploading the videos in #voxstudio and makes this app not only a source of entertainment but also acts a source of income. Some of these awards are:

Star of the Week where the post with the most number of likes in a week, irrespective of community and genre, will be awarded with RS. 2500/-. The winner of this award will be declared every week.

Star of the Month provides you with a chance to win Rs. 15,000/-. This award is given to that user who has the most number of likes in a month, irrespective of what genre or category your video belongs to.

The Silver Pull award is given to the user who has the most number of likes in a period of 3 months irrespective of the category of the post, and offers a chance to win RS. 10,000/-.

The Gold Pull offers an amount of RS. 20,000/- to the user who has the most likes in a period of 6 months irrespective of the category of the video.

The Diamond Pull offers an amount of Rs. 50,000/- to the person with the most likes in a period of 9 months irrespective of the category of the video.

The Platinum Pull offers an amount of RS. 75,000/- to the person with the most number of likes in a period of 12 months or an year irrespective of the category of the video.

There also exist one special award like the VoxStarStudio award which offers the prize money of Rs. 1 Lac along with a visit to our production house and allowing the user to record at our Production House. this award is for the user whose video with original content receives the most number of likes in an year. the videos in this category can only be entered by the developers and not by any ther individual.

It has to be noted that these awards are only available to people in India and the law of land would be applicable on all the schemes and awards.                       

The CloudPropel Company that has created this app also has some other channels like Mvaska, Shopbuycart channel, teleport news, justiciable law, legal help, loktanter power, nari swabhimaan and many more.

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